Trade, Institutions, Economics

TIE (Trade, Institutions, Economics- …) intends to revive substantivism in the archaeological approaches of the ancient European economies. The scientific context calls for taking such a step. Neo-institutionnalist approaches, through their belief in the intemporality of market economies, have favoured a rather unnuanced depiction of ancient economies, where every behaviour would be profit-motivated and every practice would be a primitive version of ours. In order to discussing such a point of view, we propose a fact-based approach, aiming at establishing experimental ways to explore hypothesis regarding the ancient economic framework, from a period encompassing the whole 1st millennium BCE and an area covering Western Europe and the Mediterranean. TIE will present and discuss analytical protocols aiming at addressing specific issues linked with trade and production. It will disseminate results, methods and analytical tools developed in the framework of the Nostoi project (Nostoi is the acronym for Norms, Standards, Routines: Pottery production and information in the Ancient Mediterranean; the project is funded by the Labex LaScArBx).
TIE team is based in the French CNRS UMR 5607 Aunsonius Lab in Bordeaux.

Norms, Standards, Routines : production and information during Late Prehistory in Europe and the Mediterranean

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