Thibaud Poigt

Docteur en Archéologie de la Protohistoire

Ingénieur de recherche du projet NOSTOI

UMR 5607 Ausonius

Docteur associé de l’UMR 5608 TRACES

I specialize in the study of ancient weights systems and metrologies. I defended in 2019 a PhD thesis dealing with the weighing instruments used in the Western Europe during the Metal Ages (c. 13th – 3rd c. BCE). More recently, my researches focused on Late Prehistory economy, the place of metrological practices and values in ancient societies.

I participated to the NOSTOI project as a Research Engineer dedicated to the 3D restitution of containers and the metrological analysis of data.

ResearchGate; Academia; TRACES; Ausonius

Norms, Standards, Routines : production and information during Late Prehistory in Europe and the Mediterranean

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